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Guides on Italy

Guides on Italy – Books in English and various other languages, available in digital and print formats.

Guides on Italy from Enrico’s Books on Italian Travel are available in:
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Visiting Italy is something that recently has become more and more of a possibility.

Italy is not only limited to those major tourist destinations everybody is aware of: Rome, Florence, and Venice.
At the peak of the tourist season these cities can be very busy .
There are many other cities and small villages that deserve a visit.
Enrico’s books illustrate several of these choices.

Visiting Italy with your car, or a rented one is a very good alternative possibility. Enrico has for you several itineraries in different parts of the country.

Enrico Massetti was born in Milano, Italy. Now he lives in Washington, DC, USA. He regularly visits his home town.
He enjoys visiting all the places, with special attention to the ones that he can reach by public transportation.

Guides on Italy: a classic tourism destination in Northern Italy

The Lakes of Northern Italy are a well-known tourist destination.

Guides on Italy: a quick guide to help you if you have only a little time available

If you have a very limited time for your visit, you need to know in advance where to focus your attention, and where to go. You need these guides to help you in using your time in the best possible way

Guides on Italy: enjoy a vacation with a car trip of one week or longer

A car trip of one or two weeks is a very good way to see several towns and attractions.

Guides on Italy: not only for business people

Milan and its Region, Lombardia, are a major business center. They are a good tourist destination. If you are there for business you can spend your free time visiting the many surrounding towns and attractions.

Guides on Italy: little known gems

There are cities outside of the main well-known destinations that deserve a visit for several days.

Guides on Italy: classic destination for all classes of tourists

Liguria, with its unique Cinque Terre villages, is very well known internationally. Portofino has been a destination of high-end tourism for many generations.

Guides on Italy: if you love the mountains this is your best choice

The region of Trentino Alto Adige – Südtirol has lots of visitors, many from German-speaking countries. They welcome everybody and offer something to do for all the tourists, from families with small kids to seniors.

Guides on Italy: the classic internationally-known tourist destinations

The well-informed tourist should know these major Italian tourist cities.

Guides on Italy: Hidden gems

There are plenty of towns worth visiting and localities not yet discovered by mass tourism outside of the main internationally known attraction cities. Hidden in the countryside, they are far away from the main internationally-known attraction, interesting and rich in history.

This destination is not in Italy, but less than 50 miles away!

Switzerland is very close to Milan, you can have beautiful bike rides in the mountains.

Biking in Switzerland
Guides on Italy: What you get with your guide

The printed guides have a listing of many reviews for the best-recommended restaurants; they give you the necessary information you need. They include the guide name, address, telephone number, and the report.

The digital versions e-guides are ideal for use on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. They contain active links to the websites of train and navigation companies, and you can, with a click from the guide, check the latest schedule, and even buy the tickets. The links to the restaurants’ website are often included and sometimes allows for the online reservation.

In these Books, there are extensive descriptions and photos of the attractions.