Aosta Valley Itineraries – highest European Mountains

Enrico Massetti
Aosta Valley Itineraries

Valle d’Aosta is a vertical region, you might say.

In the physical sense, for the many high peaks that surround it. They include Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in Europe at 4,807 meters). But also for the surprising concentration, in a region of such reduced dimensions, of so many natural splendors, of so many monuments, of so much precious historical and artistic heritage, of a density which evokes, in its vertical aspect, the crowding of skyscrapers in a metropolis where horizontal urban space is scarce and precious.

Aosta Valley itineraries: description
Aosta, the regional capital and the only province of the Valley, is a city rich in history; you can quickly see traces of the ancient Augusta Pretoria (the Latin name of Aosta). The magnificent Arch of Augustus (25 B.C.) and the Roman Theatre remains are two examples.

For Aosta, the Middle Ages were anything but dark. It was an important center of commercial traffic with France and Switzerland. The city enjoyed an extended period of prosperity. It is no coincidence that the Cathedral and Cathedral Church of S. Orso, two churches of exceptional beauty, dating back to the Middle Ages.

This guide covers visits to the mountain region of Aosta Valley. It has a description of several itineraries to visit the Valley.

The locations covered are the city of Aosta, the lower Valley with its castles.
There is also a visit to Cogne and Gran Paradiso Park. Another one to Morgex, La Thuille, and the Piccolo San Bernardo Pass. Also, one to Courmayeur, one to Valpelline, and the Gran San Bernardo Pass. The guide describes all the villages of the Valtournance Valley.

There are extensive indeed descriptions and photos of the attractions.

It has the listing of many reviews for the best-recommended restaurants for all the locations. You have the necessary information ready. The name, address, and telephone number are included in the guide together with the review.

The cover photo is from the Swiss side of the Matterhorn.

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