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Books in English guides, available in digital and print formats, with full-color photos and low-cost Black/White editions.

All Enrico’s digital guides are on sale for worldwide delivery in the Streetlib Store.
Guides are books in English, Spanish-Castilian, Portuguese, German, and Danish.
For the time being this store, ships printed books only to Italian addresses.

Visiting Italy is something that recently has become more and more of a possibility.

Italy is not only limited to the major tourist destinations everybody is aware of: Rome, Florence, and Venice. They can be very busy at a time during the peak of the tourist season. There are many other equally exciting cities and small villages that deserve a visit. Enrico’s books illustrate several of these choices.

Visiting Italy with your car, or a rented one is also a high possibility. Enrico has several itineraries described in different parts of the country.

Enrico Massetti was born in Milano, Italy. Now he lives in Washington, DC, USA. Still, he regularly visits his home town and enjoys going around all the places in his home country, especially the ones that can be reached by public transportation.

Books in English-Lake Como lake-maggiore-cover lake garda the lakes of northern italyone-day-bellagio-cover Turin turin to milan aosta-valley-cover Milan  milan and the lakes Milan day trips one day bergamo alta mantua   ferrara-cover bolognax cinque terre cinque-terre-florence-cover Portofino and the riviera one day portofino Venice in two days venice-to-bolzano-cover venice and veneto milan to venice verona one day friuli trieste bolzano cover sudtirol   Pisaflorence-in-two-days-coverflorence and tuscany rome to florence   umbria siena rome two days rome 4 days rome-complete-guide-cover rome florence venice naples Amalfi Coast amalfi-to-rome-cover Abruzzo Apulia car trip calabria sardinia-cover sicily   one day locarno one day villa carlottaone day menaggio one day stresa one day in comoone day pavia one day mantovabiking in switzerland balearic islands

The printed guides have a listing of many reviews for the best-recommended restaurants; you have the necessary information ready: the name, address, and telephone number are included in the guide together with the report.

The digital versions e-guides are ideal for use on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop as they contain active links to the websites of train and navigation companies, so you can with a click from the guide check the latest schedule and even buy the tickets.

In these Books in English, there are extensive descriptions and photos of the attractions. The images are in full-color in the digital formats and the color version of the printed books. A low-cost printed version is also available with Black/white photos.

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