Often called the Switzerland of the South, Calabria covers the mountainous toe of Italy. Here one finds the most beautiful forests, and the hillsides the white leaves of ancient olive trees cover the ground.

You are in a region bounded with two seas of approximately eight hundred kilometers coasts when traveling between the Calabrian mountains in a vast land of magnificent beauty. This particular configuration is present in endless views. Where nature has a plot in a significant way, the lines that talent and social work must follow, or art efforts can improve.

Calabria, it’s closed in the north with the Pollino and Orsomarso imponent relieves. It has a predominantly mountainous territory, vast green reserves, and lakes with robust splendor inside Sila, demoted summit to peak into the sea on the Range Coast, very high silver firs, and rushing streams on the Serre, the last window on the Mediterranean between the Aspromonte summits.

It describes the Calabria’s 800 km of pristine coastline in detail, as well as the nature parks and reserves. It includes sports available.

This guide also leads you in a drive-through Calabria, starting from Maratea and then going to Papasidero, Cosenza, the Sila mountains, Crotone, Pizzo Calabro, Tropea and Capo Vaticano, Locri, Pentedattilo, to end up in Reggio Calabria.

It includes photos and descriptions of the attractions of all the localities touched, as well as travel info.

It includes info on regional food.

It contains many reviews for the best-recommended restaurants that are at the location described. You have the necessary information ready: the name, address, and telephone number are included in the guide together with the review.

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