Chiaravalle – One Day from Milan

Enrico Massetti
Chiaravalle – One Day from Milan

This guide covers a short one-day or even half-day trip you can make from Milan to the Chiaravalle Abbey.

It includes a detailed description of the Abbey’s history, the agricultural land surrounding it, and the monks who built it over the centuries.

It also has a detailed description of the unique agriculture in the area of the Po Valley, where the Abbey is located.

There are extensive descriptions and photos of the Abbey and its unique environment.

There is information on where you can rest for a snack or lunch inside the Abbey,

The three restaurants nearby of the Abbey are listed.

There is also information on Abbey’s opening days and times and detailed information on reaching the Abbey from Milan with public transportation, a bicycle, or your car.

A list of places where you can rent a bicycle for one day or longer is included at the end of the guide.

The book includes a History of the Cistercensians monks.

The digital e-guide is ideal for use on your smartphone or your tablet.

single copy € 10 plus shipping

ISBN: 978-1-008-95465-6
74 color pages

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