The Great Dolomite Road – a drive among mountains

The Great Dolomite Road in winter

Enrico Massetti
The Great Dolomite Road
Bolzano – Cortina

The Great Dolomite Road crosses three regions: Südtirol, Trentino, and Veneto. It is a classic itinerary to visit some of the most scenic parts of the Dolomites. I advised anyone driving along it is to begin in Bozen (Bolzano in Italian). The road is paved and very well developed; however, it is very curvy with a maximum gradient of 12% and requires actual driving.

I only partly recommended the teams’ route because the streets are very narrow and confusing, especially from the Fassa Valley. This guide will help you go on the entire road, with clear color maps that indicate the distance and time between places, in addition to photos of the localities. It gives you the route to follow between the different stages.  Numerous viewpoints and parking areas on the Great Dolomite Road allow a panoramic view of the surrounding Dolomites.

The guide starts with a description of the attractions in Bolzano, the Ötzi – the Iceman Museum, Bolzano’s castles, and nearby locations. It then leads you on a drive from Bolzano to Cortina d’Ampezzo, going through the Carezza Lake, Val di Fassa, and the Tofana.
It contains many reviews for the best-recommended restaurants at the location described.
An extensive section is full of helpful information on how to get to Bolzano and Cortina, go back, and what kind of services are available to rent a bike. But, of course, the favorite means of transportation to ride the Great Road are: open.

The Great Dolomite Road: Itinerary
This guide leads you on a drive on the Great Dolomite Road, from Bolzano to Cortina d’Ampezzo.
The itinerary goes through Karneid, Nova Levante, Carezza Lake, Passo di Costalunga, Vigo di Fassa, Pozza di Fassa, Campitello di Fassa, Canazei, Pecol, the Fadaia Pass, Pieve di Livinallongo, Col di Lana, Falzarego Pass, Valparola Ridge, Cinque Torri, and the Tofana.
It includes maps, color photos, and descriptions of the attractions of all the localities touched. Travel info and reviews for the best-recommended restaurants included.

Single copy € 20 plus shipping.

ISBN: 978-1-716-50554-6
79 color pages

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