Milan – also pleasure, not only business time

Enrico Massetti

To most Italians, Milan is Italy’s unofficial capital and arguably the most exciting city in the country, where old and new meet in an ever-changing relationship. An engaging mix. Milan cannot claim the abundant and breathtaking beauty of Rome nor the Renaissance glories of Florence, but it has its charms – and certainly enough to keep you entertained for a weekend. Milan is, arguably, the most exciting city in Italy, where old and new meet in an ever-changing relationship. It is both elegant and vulgar, technology-driven, and full of old-world charm, money-obsessed and genteel, brassy, and inviting. Milan is a curious, engaging mix.

To most Italians, it is the unofficial capital of the country. Milan is Italy’s powerhouse, where the money is made. Money brings people, and people create vibe and energy, the place where things happen. Milan is internationally famous for its fashion and design, of course. But there is much more to see and enjoy in this dynamic, hard-working city. Here are a few personal suggestions – places I like, not necessarily the most celebrated. I give you the URL of the website to find additional, more detailed information for all these places.

When you search on the internet, you get answers biased by how much tour operators invest in Google advertising to gain visibility. I give you unbiased, ad-free, accurate information. If you search for the opening hours of a certain basilica, for example, you could get something saying that they highly recommend a reservation. In contrast, entrance to the basilica is, in fact, always FREE.

The guide includes descriptions on how to get to Milan, driving, and parking in the city, helpful info to stay there. Divided into sections covering single days or half days, you can combine several areas depending on your stay’s length and your preference for what you want to see.

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