One Day in Bergamo Alta from Milan

Enrico Massetti
One Day in Bergamo Alta from Milan

Bergamo, it’s a gem of medieval architecture preserved to the present day. You can very easily reach it from Milan by train. Piazza Vecchia is the symbol of the city of Bergamo. It was built in 1300, and it gets its actual structure during the Venetian domination. The Palazzo della Ragione faces on the southern side of the square. It’s the symbol of the Communal Age; on the right side, the Civic Tower (XII-XV) rises, well known as Il Campanone, there is also the antique Domus Suardorum (XIV-XV), that now is the seat of the University of Bergamo. The northern side of the square is enclosed within a Palace. It was built in the 1600s with a facade of white marble. Built as seat of the Town Hall, today, this structure hosts the Public Library “A. Maj” that holds about 500,000 volumes and preserves a precious “Tasso Collection.” The elegant Fountain, donated by the Venetian podesta’, Alvise Contarini (XVIII), completes the square’s spectacular view.
It is a guide to Bergamo Alta, the town near Milan, with medieval historic monuments. This is a  guide to Bergamo Alta, the town near Milan with medieval historic monuments. There are extensive descriptions and photos of the attractions. There is also detailed info on the services available in the city. It is ideal for use on your smartphone. It contains active links to the transportation system’s web sites, so you can, with a click from the guide, check the latest schedule and even buy the tickets. It has also listed many reviews for the best-recommended restaurants within walking distance from the train station.

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