One Day in Menaggio: From Milan

One Day in Menaggio

Menaggio is a tourist destination on Lake Como. You don’t need a car to escape from the business, the traffic, the congestion, the fog in wintertime and the afa, the humid heat, in summer, of the city to a beautiful world of lakes, mountains, castles, and good food: just take the train and, sometimes, the boat as recommended in this itinerary to Menaggio on Lake Como. This e-guide covers a one-day trip to Menaggio from Milano using the train. There are extensive descriptions and photos of the attractions. This trip is especially recommended in spring or autumn, when often you can leave the fog and cold of Milan to reach sun-shining lakefront views in the mild climate of the Lake Como. This itinerary starts from the eastern side of Lake Como and crosses with the ferry to Menaggio. It has also listing of many reviews for the best-recommended restaurants that are at walking distance from the boat pier or the train station.

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