Tango Argentino – A Pocket Breviary for its dancer

Patricia Müller
Tango Argentino – A Pocket Breviary for its dancers

In this book, we discover the code of honor of the ‘porteños’ dancers of the Tango Milonguero, who have remained ‘uncontaminated’ by the tourism surrounding the Tango, the major part of whom are more or less 70-80 years old.

Their behavior reflects concepts that were already spoken of in ancient China!

Let’s discover together the ancient wisdom of Los Viejos Milongueros’.

You will surely be astonished by what you discover!

Single copy € 20 plus shipping

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Tango Argentino - A Pocket Breviary



Italian EditionEnglish EditionEdición en español Deutsche Ausgabe Edition française Ελληνική έκδοση – Other great tango books in English

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