Umbria – English

Enrico Massetti

Sooner or later, whoever visits Umbria ends up thinking: Saint Francis, that great, gentle, tender, and poetic Saint of happiness and humility, could only have been born here in Umbria. Perhaps it is the evocative nature of the place or a certain enchanted air (we might almost say mystic) that you breathe to some extent everywhere. In this place of ever-green, enchanted, and radiant nature, in these towns, the concept of historical center seems inadequate and reductive, so widespread is the monumental and artistic component in the cities of Umbria. For example, Perugia, the regional capital, has a richness, complexity, and magnificence of architectural and cultural treasures. It has the Etruscan walls and the splendid Palazzo Gallenga, the prestigious university’s seat for foreigners. Many other buildings and historical monuments lead out from the central Piazza IV Novembre; itself dotted with architectural and artistic jewels such as the Great Fountain and the magnificent Palazzo dei Priori. The same is true for splendid Gubbio, rich with Saint Francis memories and monuments from the medieval and renaissance eras. Todi, Spello, Spoleto, Orvieto, Citta’ di Castello, and many other small towns are magnificently enriched by monuments, palaces, and churches of high artistic merit.
This guide covers the region of Umbria, in Central Italy, called the green heart of Italy. It covers Perugia, Assisi, Gubbio, Passignano Sul Trasimeno, Orvieto, Spello, Spoleto, Todi. The natural parks are described in detail, with itineraries to visit them. A section has a description of a visit with a bicycle and motorbike, and where to rent them locally. It has a listing of many reviews for the best-recommended restaurants. The links to the review pages are active in the digital version. You can use them and navigate directly to the destination page with a click if you have an active Internet connection. Still, if you don’t, you have the necessary information ready: the name, address, and telephone number are included in the guide together with the review. The printed version contains this essential information.

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